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Our treatment starts with an OT neuro assessment, which is included in our initial free consultation. Then, if the program is recommended and the person decides to move forward with our program, we complete further objective testing and create an individualized treatment plan. Clients participate in simple physical exercise during a, one-on-one, 50-60 minute session. We use visual, vestibular, balance, and motor coordination exercises to stimulate weaker regions of the nervous system to facilitate higher-level functional skills for everyday life.  Treatment sessions involve analyzing responses and challenging clients to promote plasticity/change, while always encouraging motivation and self-confidence.

Our eyes have the most receptors to our brain.  We use the “roads”/ neural pathways, from our eyes, to other specific areas to strengthen our brain function.  Our clients are showing improvements with processing speed, memory, attention, coordination (riding a bike, skipping, swinging), balance, vision, headaches, sensory processing, as well as social and emotional skills.

Our Approach


Brain Bright Therapy is an Interactive Metronome (IM) provider. IM is a highly researched and proven effective for improving sensory processing and attention in both adults and children. The IM is designed to aid in integrating auditory and visual systems when combined with a motor output task. The ability to integrate regions of your nervous system in order to make quick, accurate, and rhythmic decisions and/or movements is essential to being successful in everyday life.  Ask us about the IM for at home training.

Our Approach


Brain Bright Therapy also utilizes concentrated oxygen in the clinic in order to provide fuel for the brain during treatment sessions, which allows for more training endurance.

Our Approach


We use a light system, called FITLIGHT Trainer, to measure a client’s reaction time and promote sensory processing, attention, and flexible thinking.  FITLIGHT Trainer was designed to enhance performance in athletes, healthcare clients, and even in tactical defense situations. By using specific colored lights, controlled placement of the lights, and specific body parts, we can stimulate weak regions of the brain and improve the relationship between the brain and body.

Our Approach


Our program consists of 3-4 months of OT brain training.  We typically like to see our clients 3 times per week the first month and decrease frequency throughout the program.  Each session is 45-60 minutes in length.  We accept insurance and offer monthly packages at a discounted rate. The program includes the interactive metronome in the clinic and a home equipment is available for purchase.  We offer speech therapy services as needed as well.  Please give us a call to discuss options, including our summer programs.

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