Yes, it is covered under your occupational and speech therapy benefits. However, every insurance plan is different. Therefore, we recommend scheduling a consult to get an estimate based on your benefits. There may be a deductible, co-pay, or pre-authorization required.

Yes, we typically have about a 6-12 week waiting list to start our program. However, if you have recently had a brain injury, such as a stroke or concussion, and time is of the essence, we are able to move you to the top of the waiting list during your consultation.

We have found that it typically requires 4 months to reach your goals. We occasionally may reach our goals earlier or continue longer than the initial four months. At the end of the initial program, you will sit down with your therapist and discuss your progress and options to determine the best fit for you and your family.

Our brain is a muscle, therefore, much like going to the gym, you need to exercise it often to see the results. The first month requires the most commitment at three visits per week in order to set the foundation of neuropathways. The next two months is scheduled for two visits per week. Then the fourth month is scheduled for one time per week. We typically see clients around 30 visits during the four-month program.

Sessions are scheduled on the hour and you typically spend 50 minutes with the therapist.

A great way to learn more about the symptoms we may be able to help you improve is by taking our online Assessment. It’s a series of questions regarding how often things occur during your everyday life. If you answer never, you receive 0 points and if you answer very often, you receive 3 points. Most of our clients decrease their symptoms by 20 points during the initial 4 month program. The Who We Help page and the consultation can also help with identifying conditions that are able to be improved through brain exercise. If other services are recommended, we can help advise and provide recommendations as well.