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Brain Bright Therapy is a privately owned clinic that offers neurological rehabilitation services. We use basic physical exercises to increase brain function. Brain Bright uses a holistic approach to treat the root cause of diagnoses such as ADHD, Brain Injury, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Anxiety, and Sensory Processing Disorders. Through neuroplasticity, we are able to actually rewire the brain's neuropathways in order to help a client to improve in processing of information. By improving these underlying skills, Brain Bright Therapy is able to increase attention, memory, regulating emotions, balance & coordination, learning, sleep, and overall ability to engage and perform in activities of everyday life.

At BBT, we look at the brain from the bottom-up.  We focus on the brainstem and cerebellum function first.  We then look at the two sides of the brain, and determine which side may be weaker and benefit from more stimulation to help balance the hemispheres.  Brain Bright also looks hard at the frontal lobe, which is responsible for impulse control, working memory, attention, and executive functioning.  ADHD is primarily a frontal lobe dysfunction, however research shows that greater than 90% of people with ADHD have dysfunctions in the back of the brain, including primitive reflexes.

One of Brain Bright Therapy's goals is to better organize the foundation of the brain, by integrating primitive reflexes. These primitive reflexes are associated with "Fight or Flight" and anxiety responses, throwing and catching a ball, poor handwriting, wiggling/constantly moving, poor posture & w-sitting, speech articulation, bladder control, difficulty reading, right/left confusion, visual & auditory processing, and more. We facilitate primitive reflex integration, vestibular, core muscle activation, breath, somatosensory input, concentrated oxygen, visual, and balance training.  BBT also uses equipment, such as the FITLIGHT and Interactive Metronome as tools to advance progress.

Our client's improve their ability to perform multi-sensory processing, such as "ignoring" what's not essential, to be able to focus on tasks at hand and reduce sensory over-stimulation. In return, their performance improves and their self-confidence flourishes.


Our goal is to provide innovative, compassionate, and effective treatment to our clients.  In order to that we need to be able to pay our bills.  Some insurance companies are reimbursing/ paying providers at a lower rate than they were 12 years ago.  We need to ensure that we can maintain high quality therapists and equipment to continue to provide exceptional care.  Money is a medium to exchange value.

With that said, we will do everything we can to help our clients to be able to afford our program.  MOST INSURANCES DO COVER our program.  However, if yours does not, or you have a large deductible, Brain Bright Therapy offers discounted monthly packages. BBT is In-Network with the below providers, as well as FrontPath Health Coalition. We also work with other insurance providers and accept CareCredit® with the possibility of 0% interest for 12 months, to allow our clients to make smaller monthly payments. This is a good option to help pay for deductibles and co-insurances as well.

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